Why should you work
with Future Point?

  • We can provide you with a detailed and professional analysis of investment-related opportunities
  • We can help you discover the potential of a given property
  • We can define the best intended use of land and developed land
  • You can benefit from the experience of our team of professionals, handling over 1000 properties throughout Poland!



Future Point offers the purchase and sale of investment properties all around Poland. We have established our company with the aim to cooperate with the developers and investors who value comprehensive consulting services offered by professional companies.

Tell us which property interests you, and we will find it for you!
Tailored properties.

We are a company which benefits from its experience and skills to develop a unique, ready-to-use vision and design of the most effective investment-related intended use of a given property.



"Cynics criticize, winners analyze. Finding out, what others didn't see, is a key to success.”

Robert Toru Kiyosaki


We have noticed that there is no other company on the market, which would offer developers comprehensive services, both in terms of land acquisition, legal and administrative services as well as property sales.

Therefore, we decided to meet the expectations of the developers, providing them comprehensive counselling,
which will save their time and guarantee a fully professional service.

What also is of crucial importance in our mission, is to provide our clients with the opportunity to benefit
from our creativity which helps the investment-related projects to stand out from the crowd.

Demanding challenges and investment-related projects are our specialty.

Finance Department

What does the Future Point team offer:

  • Real estate purchase financing
  • Investment-related project financing
  • Cooperation with banks and investment-related entities
  • Building upon our long-standing experience in finance sector


Our team consists of people whose passion and experience that was gathered over the years, will allow them to fully use the potential of Your real-estates. We have already served over a 1000 real estates all over Poland. That means over 1000 challenges that we have dealt with.

With Future Point, you will have advisors, analysts as well as legal and financial department on your side, that works towards your success. Take advantage of our professionals.


12 years
of experience
customer satisfaction
throughout Poland

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If you are interested in buying a real estate or investment land or if you are interested in our offer – just ask. Use the form and we will read your message and reply as soon as possible.

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